Jovan Sex Appeal By Coty 3.0 Oz Cologne Spray For Men

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Jovan Sex Appeal is recognized as a Fall and Winter evening fragrance. Sparkling and provocative, this exotic fragrance is ideal for romantic evenings with that special someone.Sex Appeal Cologne by Jovan, Sex Appeal is a simply sexy scent for men, that has a unique and polished air with notes of sandalwood, patchouli, as well as green notes. Created by Jovan in the year 1976, its enthralling aroma will make you feel all lively and positive. Just as the box proclaims, man can never have enough. Classy, stylish, and sensual.eave a lasting impression on those around you with the seductive fragrance of the Jovan Sex Appeal Cologne Spray for men. Sandalwood and Patchouli make up the contents that hold the aroma tight. Whether you are planning a special evening in town or a more intimate dinner with family and friends, the extraordinary masculine fragrance of Sex Appeal will create the response you desire.In 1976 came a magnificent cologne that echoes with warmth and longevity. Sex Appeal by Jovan Cologne. This scent was crafted with the purpose of seduction and is known as such. The fragrance is a stimulating concoction of spices and green notes, destined to add a hint of sensuality and confidence to your stride. The company also supplies one of the best-selling Musk brands in broad distribution. Coty was one of the first companies to begin marketing fragrances to the middle class with smaller and simpler bottles. Prior, perfumes had seemed too luxurious or flamboyant item for those who had more wealth. The Coty subsidiary still continues today, and stays true to its original, wild, and sensuous beginnings. Sponsoring The Rolling Stones on a tour in 1981, the company became the first to back a rock band with a fragrance. The cologne was launched in 1976 and is intended for evening wear, although it can be worn any time.
Jovan is a subsidiary of French company Coty, which began in 1904, and is a brand that has existed since 1972. Consisting of green notes and spices layered with the rich aroma of patchouli, the casual, yet distinctive, masculine scent will last for hours after its application. Since its introduction in 1976, this manly fragrance from the house of Jovan has been used by men for decades.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review