SPARK by Liz Claiborne PARFUM .18 OZ MINI for Women

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Sensuous and intense, Spark by Liz Claiborne is for the real seductress in you. Perfect for colder months, Spark is a warm, haunting, almost narcotic scent created for women who know how to conquer with a simple trace of perfume.Capture your vigor and zest for life with Spark, a women's parfum from Liz Claiborne. Introduced in 2003, this fragrance for women has creamy, oriental tones with hints of gourmand scents and spicy tones. Spark by Liz Claiborne Perfume. Rose and orchid notes mix their romantic floral scents with cinnamon and caramel and finish off on deep, rich notes of musk. Spark opens with notes of honey caramel and rose petal, creating a warm and soft glow that awakens the fires within. Underlying everything is a base of musk, which fills the senses and communicates subtle sensuality. Introduced in 2003, this lively fragrance inspires you to approach each challenge with energy and grace. Heart notes of cinnamon and chamgagne bring a heady, spicy feeling.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review